Overall Boat Cover/ Boom Tent

The boat overall protection cover is an extra large version of a boom tent, and basically covers the whole top deck, giving maximum coverage from all weather conditions. This cover sits on top of the boom and secures down onto the stanchions usually made from a very strong but light weight material for ease to put on and store. Great for giving protection to sheets, blocks, deck gear, Perspex hatches, windows, gel coat or varnish work. Boom tents also can be used to keep temperature down inside hull. There are a couple of extra design options for this overall protection cover involving getting more use out of the cover and for ease of putting on.

Tips & tricks:

This cover should be custom made to your yacht, a bad fitting over all cover can do a lot of damage to varnish, gel coat and/or paint work. A light weight but very strong material should be used this will help when fitting and for storage.