Steel Frames

Ocean Covers measures and designs its own frames for both Bimini and dodgers, which are then taken to a stainless steel fabricator. After many years of designing and measuring frames ocean covers has built a very unique relationship with one of Sydney harbour leading stainless steel fabricators.
Stainless steel frames for both Dodgers and Biminis should be made from 316 polished stainless steel. All fitting required for joining and mounting frames to boat should be 316 polished stainless steel.
If your boat is between 30ft-50ft then 25mm diameter tube with 1.2mm wall is what you will need if your boat is between 50ft-80ft 32mm diameter with 2mm wall will be required.
There are extras with frames like rear handles, support stanchions, side handles and complete connecting struts. These extra will depend on the individual yacht and also what type of sailing you will be doing and where.

Tips & tricks:

Whatever dimensions the frames end up being will be what your dodger or Bimini will look like. Once frames have been bent and rolled its time consuming and expensive to alter these frames.
If measuring and designing your own frames try to use angles, camber and proportions of the yacht to give you guide lines to the dimensions of the frames, this way you will be on right track in achieving an aesthetically pleasing design.